Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tutorial Thursday: Wearable Teal Eye Liner

Hey there! Hope your summer is going well! Today I wanted to show you an extremely wearable way to pull off teal liner without looking too made up. This look can be worn in many different liner shapes and colors so feel free to be creative with it but continue reading to see how I achieved this look. 

  1. Curl your lashes before any of the eye make up to open up your eyes. It will make lining your eyes much easier because your lashes won't be in the way. 
  2. Prime you eyes on the top and bottom lid for maximum pigmentation of the shadows and to prevent creasing. 
  3. Apply a matte skin-tone eyeshadow color all over your eyes from lid to brow bone.
  4. Define the crease of your eyes with your favorite transition shade and bring that color around your eyes on the bottom lash-line as well.
  5. With a Taupe colored eye liner smudge a messy line along your lash-line really close to the lashes and bring it around the outer v of your eyes. 
  6. Use a smudger brush to blend out the taupe liner. You can stop at this step and apply mascara to have a super wearable look but let's keep going and add a pop of color.
  7. Take a teal eye pencil (or any color you fancy) I used Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Deep Sea, and start making light feathery strokes on the outer V of the Eye and blend it into the taupe liner.
  8. Wing your eyes with the liner and use a brush to blend the lines and soften the whole look.
  9. Apply lots of mascara and if you are a lash lover then have fun and apply a fluttery pair.
  10. To complete the look and add a pretty girly flair I applied a Gold Glitter Eye liner on the inner portion of my lower lash line (it doesn't really comes across in the pics but it's a beautiful detail).
  11. Now complete the rest of your complexion using a dewy finish foundation and go crazy with the bronzer and highlighter!  

Hope you have fun recreating this look! It's super simple and wearable and you can make it your own by doing a different liner shape or using a different color. Experiment and enjoy the rest of your summer! I will be posting again soon but if you have any requests for looks or any questions feel free to comment.