Friday, February 7, 2014

Story Time Saturday: Fun Bright Make-Up for When you don't feel your best

Hey there my lovely readers!!!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while I actually have a really good excuse. I got my wisdom teeth removed on Monday 2/3/14 and I am still in the healing process. My cheeks are still very swollen so my face shape in these upcoming photos look completely rounded.
This is me over-exaggerating! 
When I look in the mirror I feel like a totally different person because all I see are these huge cheeks. It totally makes me feel like Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks:
This picture is perfect b/c pancakes were the first thing I ate after the surgery. This was totally what I looked like! 
My recovery is going great though. I'm not in huge pain and the swelling is slowly going down. On Monday the 10th I'm going to go back for a check up to make sure everything is healing okay and to remove the stitches. I was so shocked at how huge the wisdom teeth are though:

When I saw them for the first time I couldn't believe those teeth were under gums. Now I know why I always had tooth aches and jaw pain for so long.

Anyways, enough with  my complaining, I want you all to know that even when you are not feeling so hot you can still feel confident in your own skin. Looking at my swollen face makes me not want to go out in public but I realized that there's nothing a little contouring and confidence can't fix! ;)

Here are pictures of the look I wore out to dinner with the family last night:

The amazing palette that I used for this look was Too Faced "A Few Of My Favorite Things" Palette. It has 20 eyeshadows and 4 cheek colors which is excellent since that's also what I used to contour my cheeks.

The color Tinsel is the pretty, light gold-ish Green Eyeshadow all over the lid of my eyes. Followed by the Dark Brown eyeshadow Dark Chocolate as Eye-liner. A Pink on the lower lash-line called Taffy (mixed with the pink blush Raindrops on Roses) and a light shimmery Pink on the inner corners called Coquet. 
The lips are a beautiful Corally-Pink Nars Lip Pencil called New Lover.

Before I applied the powder bronzer and blush I first did some cream contouring. I blended a deeper shade onto the fattest part of my cheeks (which is where I'm touching my cheek in the 4th picture). 

Then after I set my face make-up I used the blush in the color Melt Into Spring and followed with the bronzer Chocolate Soleil. I pretty much put that bronzer everywhere since i was feeling quite cheeky (Get it? I said cheeky because of my cheeks! Yeah I'm lame).

After that I highlighted my skin with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette on the high points of my face to add a glow. Then I used Benefits Gimme Brow to set my thick, hairy brows and keep them in place. 

And that is the final look! I hope you like it. It's very simple and wearable to recreate so give it a try with similar colors that you have in your collection. 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog I really do appreciate it. As always don't be afraid to make your dreams come true and have a magical Day! <3 

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  1. You looked totally gorgeous as always swollen or not.