Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wondrous Wednesday: Super Cheap Fake Lashes from Amazon!

Welcome to my Wondrous Wednesday where I tell you about amazing deals I get on some products! Today I am going to talk about these fake lashes I found on Amazon. I was browsing around looking for some inexpensive kits for make up artists when I stumbled upon these eyelashes. The deal was right here. For 20 pairs of eyelashes (10 full lashes, 10 natural lashes) the seller was charging $1.12. Which was a great deal so I picked up 6 sets and spent a total of $6.33 plus FREE shipping! 60 lashes for $6 AND free shipping??? YES PLEASE!!!!

I was so excited for this deal because I love wearing fake lashes and as a Make Up Artist this is totally something I would use on my clients as well. Unfortunately, the seller actually raised the price to $2.18, which is still very affordable for 20 pairs of lashes but it's not as sweet a deal as I got. Now I know it's pretty risky to get lashes online because you never know the quality you are getting, but since it was so cheap I was not expecting incredible quality. 
Now the lashes are actually pretty good quality because they are not stiff at all. They are light weight and easy to apply. However there is something about these lashes I do not like at all. Take a look:

As you can see in the picture, some of the lash bands are perfectly fine but then other ones completely separate.Now with my tweezers I pushed some of them back up and it went back to normal. On the lashes like the top right, that are very separated, you can't push them back together because it won't stay.
Now it's not a big deal to me when I am wearing them on myself because I can easily cover the band with tons of eyeliner. However, I would never put lashes like that on my clients.
Overall, I am still happy with the purchase, although this buy was the perfect example of Quantity winning over Quality. That is why I am forever going to love the quality and price of the Ardell Demi-Wispies. 

Thank you so much for reading my Darlings and as always have a Magical Day and make your dreams come true!!!! <3

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