Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Tuesday Treasure: Real Techniques ENTIRE Brush Collection

Hello again, my lovely readers. I am extremely excited to share with you something amazing that happened to me today! Before I go into detail about what it is I want to share with you, here's a little bit of back-story.

I have loved and followed the Pixiwoo sisters on youtube for many years and I am a huge fan of all their videos. A few years ago when I found out that Sam had her very own line of make up brushes called "Real Techniques" I immediately wanted to try them and became a follower of her Real Techniques Website. I even signed my email up to receive daily notifications so I can learn about all her different brushes and deals. 

However, I have never purchased her brushes online because I hate paying for shipping. Then one day an Ulta opened near me so I had to check it out. Happily, I stumbled upon "Real Techniques" there and I picked up this amazing value set of Brushes called "Sam's Picks." For $30 the collection had 6 brushes, 4 face brushes and 2 eye brushes. 

I was so happy with this purchase! Not only was it an incredible deal but the quality of the brushes were amazing! They are very soft and just dense enough to blend product flawlessly! The bristles do not shed at all and washing them is a breeze! It was easily the best purchase I have ever made on any make up brushes ever! 
Now as great as that all sounds, that is not why I am making this post. The news I wanted to share with you is how blessed and lucky I feel to have received this email on December 17th 2013. The email reads as follows:
 "Congratulations Jennie!
You’ve been selected as a winner in the Real Techniques email segmentation sweepstakes, and have won the 2013 Real Techniques brush line!

To accept your prize, you will need to complete the attached “Acknowledgement of Eligibility” form and either email the final form to (private email.blah), or fax to (Private-blah-blah) . Once we receive this document, we will be able to send you your brush.

Congratulations again!

Your Friends at Real Techniques

**Failure to respond to notification, to provide phone number, or to respond to follow-up call or claim prize when required may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner "

Now when I first read the email I could not believe that I had won a giveaway that I didn't even know I entered in the first place! I was actually a little skeptical if it was a legitimate email or not but I sent them my information just in case.

I actually had no idea what I had won and they didn't specify when I would be receiving my prize in the post so I kind of forgot about it until today! I got my package in the mail and to my surprise it was such a generous prize!

It is the entire 2013 Real Techniques Brush Collection!!!

I am very excited to have these and as a make up artists I will put all of these brushes to good use. I am not sharing this with you to brag or to gloat about my prize, I just want you all to know that I know how lucky I am and I feel very grateful! 

If you would like for me to review these brushes and go into their quality in further detail please let me know.

I would like to end this post with a giant THANK YOU to Sam and Nic and all of the lovely people over at Real Techniques! I am so grateful and feel so blessed!
Have a Magical day and keep dreaming because if you believe in yourself, they will come true!!!

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  1. Congrats, that's awesome! I would love to hear a review on the 2 larger face brushes, that came in individual packaging :)