Saturday, January 18, 2014

Magical Make-Over Memories: Rapunzel Make-Up Tutorial That Sadly Never Happened

Welcome back to my blog my fellow Princes and Princesses! I apologize for not posting as consistently as I said I would. I need to get used to keeping all my blogs active so just give me some time to get used to it. 
Today I want to tell you about this Make-Up Tutorial that I had recorded but never edited or posted onto YouTube! This is an old Make-Up look I had done way back in 2011 when the Disney movie Tangled was still new and very popular! Watching the Film in theaters was so fun and it easily became a new Disney Film Favorite! So I decided to film a Make-Up tutorial on how to create Rapunzel's naturally radiant, wide-eyed, freckle-faced, everyday Make-Up look.

Unfortunately when I was going to edit the video, somehow the file that the video was stored in became corrupt and I was never able to open it. When I decided to re-film it, that's when I found out the bad news; My camera had been stolen. From then on, my desire for filming make up tutorials had come to a halt. It's not until this last Christmas Holiday (2013) that I finally got a camera again. The Lovely Prince in my life purchased a camera for me as my Christmas present! I am so grateful to him for the gift and I will put it to good use!  

Anyways, about the Make-Up look, Since it was so long ago I don't remember all the products I used anymore but I will write down the steps on how to Achieve Rapunzel's look using whatever products you have at home. SO please continue to read:

    I photoshopped my eyes green to see if I could pull it off as well as Rapunzel!

1) Prep the skin with your skin care routine and be sure to use a very hydrating moisturizer.
2) Prime the skin if needed for your skin-type and move onto your base.
3)Apply a Tinted-Moisturizer, BB Cream, CC Cream, or Light-weight Foundation that has a Dewy Finish. You can also conceal whatever areas of the skin that need more coverage.
4) Apply a cream blush onto the apples of the cheeks in a rosy, pinky shade. 
5) Apply a setting powder of your choice that suits your skin-type. Just make sure that it doesn't mattify the skin too much (If you have dry skin then feel free to skip this step).
6)Apply an eyeshadow primer if needed and use a matte all-over skin-tone color from the lid up to the brow bone. Then apply a crease color a few shades darker than your skin-tone to define your eyes. Make sure this color is matte as well. Follow this shade along the lower lash-line as well to further define the eyes. If you want you can also apply a shimmery highlight color to the inner corner and the center of the lid.
7) Now line your eyes with a dark brown liner. I used a gel liner from Smashbox but feel free to use a pencil or liquid. Blend out the liner to soften it and set it with a matching eyeshadow. 
8)Apply tons of Mascara on the top and bottom, and for more drama apply false lashes that are longest in the middle of the eye for that round eye effect. 
9) Line the inner rim of the eye with a skin-tone color to make your eyes look brighter. You can use white if you want but it won't look as natural. 
10) Do your eyebrows as you wish, just make sure they are neat and in place and NOT too dark or defined.
11) Use a powder blush that has a bit of a sheen to it to set the cream blush from earlier.
12) Use a hard, taupey pencil (usually brow pencils work best) to draw freckles onto your nose and cheeks. I already have freckles so I just made sure that you could see them more. 
13) Then apply a glossy natural lip color that has a pinky hue. 

Now you can go out into the world with your Natural, Dewy, glowing skin and feel like a Princess!!! Hope you at least enjoyed these photos and try this look out for yourself! 
Have a Magical Day and never stop dreaming!!! 

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